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Typical Neapolitan Restaurant and Pizzeria

History Of Trattoria Nardones

Nardones - Typical Neapolitan Restaurant and Pizzeria

Nardones was founded in 1970 as a Trattoria where to taste the dishes of the Neapolitan tradition. Over the years, the owners Enzo and Lena carried on with audacity and passion a family business, passing the same passion even to next generations. In 2005, they decided to add to their Menu also the symbol of Naples, the “pizza.” Since then the Nardones, together with their son Luca, Francesco and Salvatore, are carrying on the activity in a unique atmosphere of tradition, love and passion for Neapolitan cuisine.


Nardones’ Brothers


Salvatore - Chef

“Cooking has always been my passion. Mixing flavours and ingredients, reinventing tradition, create dishes to satisfy even the most demanding palates is my specialty. You know, when you talk about cooking, Nardones have always been specialists! 


Francesco - Pizzaiolo

“Which is my favourite dish? Pizza, of course. Preparing it according to the Neapolitan tradition recipe has always been my job. I’m the pizzaiolo of my family’s trattoria since I was 21: is there anything better that you can ask for a Neapolitan pizza maker?”


Luca - Restaurant manager

“I have been working in Trattoria since I was 19: for me welcoming customers, making them feeling like at home, guiding them to discover the delicacies of our menu is an honor and a pleasure. My dream is to see this activity grow and hand it over to my children in the future. ”

Come into Nardones’ Kitchen: discover “linguine d 'o Gravunaro”

Extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli, black olives from Gaeta, marinated anchovies, parsley. Finally, a sprinkling of crumbled tarallo: few simple ingredients for a recipe with a unique taste. In this video (created for the Food Stories format by Luca and Salvatore explain how to prepare this special, tasty dish ...revealing also some little secrets. Do you want to find out? Come into Nardones’ kitchen.

In the surroundings

After your lunch or dinner, what about enjoying a pleasant walk to discover the most beautiful corners of Naples? Few steps from the Trattoria, you will find some of the symbolic places of the Neapolitan city: discover them, together with the Nardones.


San Carlo Theater

This is  the Opera House of Naples and one of the most prestigious and well-known opera houses all over the world.



Royal Palace

It is one of the most important monuments of Naples. It is located in the famous Plebiscito’s Square.



Plebiscito’s Square

This wonderful square is one of most known symbols of Naples.



Maschio Angioino

Few steps from Piazza del Municipio, this medieval castle is one of the main symbols of the city of Naples.



Castel dell’Ovo

Castel dell’Ovo is the oldest among the neapolitan castles and is located on the seafront, between the neighborhoods of San Ferdinando and Chiaia.



Bourbon Tunnel

This Gallery is an ancient underground cavity that develops under the hill of Pizzofalcone, behind Plebiscito’s Square, few steps from the Royal Palace.

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Business hours
Monday, Friday and Saturday
11:30 - 15:30 | 19:00 - 23:00
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11:00 - 17:00


Via Nardones, 10, 80132 Napoli NA

PI: 08890291217

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